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Man Recalls July 4th Game Sixty Years Earlier

Salience Noteworthy
Tags Holidays, Pre-modern Rules
City/State/Country: Skowhegan, ME, United States
Immediacy of Report Retrospective
Holiday July 4

In May 1888, a Boston Globe story reflected the recollection of a game played on July 4, 1828 between the Typhoons and the Hurricanes. A man recalls that at age 20 he played short stop that day.

The article says the game was 6 a side, and played in Skowhegan, ME between the local team, and that of Orono. Gives the names of the players. [ba]



Boston Globe, May 29, 1888, page 5.  (Text not secured as of September 2018.)


As of 2018, we do not know the location, game type, or rules for this game.

It is interesting that the man identified his position as short stop, perhaps indicating that predecessor baserunning games in New England had already developed skill positions' decades before the Knickerbocker club formed. 


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Can someone help us obtain the text of this newspaper piece?

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Submitted by Tom Ruane
Submission Note Email to Protoball, September 2006.
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Supplemental Text

The 2006 note from Tom Ruane:

" . . . I recently stumbled on a curious account of a base ball game between the Tycoons and the Hurricanes on July 4, 1828.  The old man recounting the story was 20 years old when he played short stop for the Hurricanes that day. The story, which can be found on page 5 for the May 29, 1888 Boston Globe falls squarely in the 'tall tale' tradition.