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Boys Are Attracted to Sports of "Playing Ball or Goal" in Bangor ME

Salience Noteworthy
Location New England
City/State/Country: Bangor, ME, United States
Age of Players Juvenile, Youth

But a day seems to have elapsed since meeting with our neighboring boys, we took delight in [flying kites and prancing our horses] or engaged ourselves in the more active sports of 'playing ball' or 'goal.    -- Albert Ware Paine, telling of boyhood in Bangor Maine.


Paine, Albert Ware, "Auto-Biography," reprinted in Lydia Augusta Paine Carter, The Discovery of a Grandmother (Henry H. Carter, Newton MA, 1920), p. 240. Per Thomas L. Altherr, "A Place Leavel Enough to Play Ball," reprinted in David Block, Baseball before We Knew It; see p. 245 and ref #80. 

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Note: Dean Sullivan [7/29/2004] observes that Harold Seymour puts the year of play at Bangor at 1836, citing both pages 198 and 240 of The Discovery of a Grandmother. But Payne was born in 1812, and was not a "boy" in 1836, so this event needs further examination.

Also:This item needs to be reconciled with #1823c.4, below.

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