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In SC, Some Slaves Use Sundays for Ballplaying

Salience Noteworthy
Tags African Americans
Location US South
City/State/Country: Columbia, SC, United States

"The negroes when not hurried have this day [Sunday] for amusement & great numbers are seen about, some playing ball, some with things for sale & some dressed up going to meeting."   -- Edward Hooker



Edward Hooker, Diaries, 1805-1830: MS 72876 and 72877, Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford CT; per Thomas L. Altherr, "Chucking the Old Apple: Recent Discoveries of Pre-1840 North American Ball Games," Base Ball, Volume 2, number 1 (Spring 2008), pages 29-30. Tom [ibid, page 29] describes Hooker as a recent Yale graduate who in 1805 was a newly-arrived tutor in Columbia, SC. 


Tom Altherr says "this may be the first recorded evidence of slaves [see p29/30] playing ball.

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How about the evidence in 1797.5?

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