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Dartmouth President Finds Gardening "More Useful" Than Ballplaying

Salience Noteworthy
Tags Bans, College
City/State/Country: Hanover, NH, United States
Game Playing with Balls
Immediacy of Report Contemporary
Age of Players Youth

Dartmouth College's founding president Eleazar Wheelock thought his students should "turn the course of their diversions and exercises for their health, to the practice of some manual arts, or cultivation of gardens and other lands at the proper hours of leisure." That would be "more useful" than the tendency of some non-Dartmouth students to engage in "that which is puerile, such as playing with balls, bowls and other ways of diversion."



Eleazar Wheelock, A Continuation of the Narrative [1771], as quoted in W. D. Quint, The Story of Dartmouth College (Little, Brown, Boston, 1914) , page 246. Submitted by Scott Meacham, 8/21/06. Dartmouth is in Hanover NH.

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Submitted by Scott Meacham

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