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Game of Base was "A Peculiar Favorite"

Salience Noteworthy
City/State/Country: Scarborough, ME, United States
Game Base
Age of Players Youth

"Notwithstanding bloody affrays [in war times] between the English and Indians, they were generally of familiar terms in times of peace, and  often mingled together  in athletic sports.  The game of 'base' was a peculiar favorite with our young townsmen, and the friendly Indians, and the hard beach of 'Garrison Cove' afforded fine ground for it."


W. Southgate, The History of Scarborough, 1633 - 1783, Collections of the Maine Historical Society, Volume III (Portland, 1853), page 148.  G-Books search <"bloody affrays like these">, 4/2/2013.


One wishes there was more evidence that this form of "base" was a ball-game, and not a game like tag or capture-the-flag.  If "base" was a ball-game, this report of native American play nearly 3 centuries ago is certainly remarkable. 


Scarborough Maine is about 8 miles SW of Portland ME (then still a part of Massachusetts).

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Submitted by David Block
Submission Note email of 2/12/2013


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