Syracuse Base Ball Club v Syracuse Base Ball Club on 5 October 1858

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Date of Game Tuesday, October 5, 1858 game reported on Oct 6
Location Syracuse, NY, United States
Home Team Syracuse Base Ball Club
Away Team Syracuse Base Ball Club
Score 36 - 36
NY Rules Likely

Shortly after the club was founded in about September 1858, it formed two sides for an intramural game in early October. McClelland's side 36, Avery's side 36

This intramural game appears on the Protoball Games Tabulation (WNY table) as compiled by Craig Waff. It was reported by Porter's Spirit of the Times and by the Clipper.

These games took place over three years after the listing in the Syracuse Standard of the 17 playing rules of the Knickerbockers agreed to in 1854. And an local April 1856 article had stated, "Ball-playing is all the fashion now." It thus seems that other games may have preceded the 1858 intramural games, 'though they were not necessarily played by Associaton rules.


Avery vs McClelland intramural game: Syracuse Standard, October 6,1858. Married v. Singles intramural game: Porter's Spirit of the Times, October 30, 1858, and The Clipper, November 6, 1858. Knickerbocker Playing Rules: Syracuse Standard, May 16, 1855. "All the fashion now": Syracuse Standard, April 30, 1856.

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First in Location Syracuse, NY
Players Locality Local
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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