John Thorn's "Our Game" Blog Posts On Origins

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John Thorn's "Our Game" Blog Posts On Origins
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A selection of John Thorn's "Our Game" blog posts that focus on origins-era topics

No John Thorn's "Our Game" Blog Posts On Origins Posted Yet

1/5/2022 -- Part 2, The Gothams and the Red House Grounds (go to

12/20/2021 Part One, The Lost Ball Club and Its Lost Home: The Gothams and the Red House Grounds (go to

     (Red House Grounds, Gotham Club, NYBBC, Washington Club, 1850s, Harlem, George Wright, Harry Wright, Metropolitan, horse racing, New York Sun, cholera, cricket, pigeon shooting, Mark Maguire, largest capacity)

11/15/2021 -- Brooklyn Before Baseball; The Sport They Played (go to

10/18/2021 -- Baseball in Auld Lang Syne; By Ezra Kendall, Master Monologist (go to

8/30/2021 -- Discovered: Images of George Stovey; Previously Unknown to Exist (go to

4/26/2021 -- How We Got Here; 19 Century Baseball and Why It Matters (go to

1/21/2020 -- A City Playground: How Street Children Played More Than a Century Ago (go to

A note on searching Our Game essays from John Thorn

The following syntax will search the full text of Our Game regardless the year in which as story was posted (and beyond the crude search for tags in metadata); e.g.: "elysian fields" doubleday "little pretty" wheaton

John Thorn, 1/11/2022