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The Craig B. Waff Games Tabulation


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Craig Waff's Games Tabulations made foundational contributions to our effort to document games and clubs before baseball became a professional sport. Craig's work is memorialized in this section of the site and lives on as a substantial mass of entries in Pre-pro Baseball. For more information about Pre-pro Baseball, see our About Pre-pro page.


Date of Game City/Town Playing Field Outcome Sources
9 Oct (Fri) Alleghany, Pa. Alleghany 98 Pittsburgh 77 (suspended in third inning due to darkness; game was scheduled to be completed on Saturday afternoon) (PSOT: “The match was played by thirty men, equally divided, and consisted of three innings.” (1) “Out-Door Sports: Base Ball: Alleghany vs. Pittsburgh,” PSOT, vol. 3, no. 7 (17 Oct 1857), p. 108, col. 3


Date of Game City/Town Playing Field Outcome Sources
27 Jun (Wed) ? Allegheny (Allegheny, Pa.) 32 Duquesne 31 (1) Peverelly, p. 109
19 Jul (Thu) ? Allegheny (Allegheny, Pa.) 27 Duquesne 26 (return match) (1) Peverelly, p. 109
26 Jul (Thu) Allegheny, Pa. West Commons Fort Pitt 50 Keystone 30 (1) “Base Ball in Alleghany,” NYC, [?] Aug 1860
13 Sep (Thu) ? Allegheny (Allegheny, Pa.) 28 Pioneer 19 (1) Peverelly, p. 109
31 Oct (Wed) ? Allegheny (Allegheny, Pa.) 34 Keystone 22 (1) Peverelly, p. 109