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The Craig B. Waff Games Tabulation


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Craig Waff's Games Tabulations made foundational contributions to our effort to document games and clubs before baseball became a professional sport. Craig's work is memorialized in this section of the site and lives on as a substantial mass of entries in Pre-pro Baseball. For more information about Pre-pro Baseball, see our About Pre-pro page.


Date of Game City/Town Playing Field Outcome Sources

8 Jun, 1861

Eureka grounds

Hector (Fort Edward Institute) 44

Eureka (Granville) 19

(first game of home-and-home match)

(1) “Out-Door Sports: Base Ball: Base Ball at Fort Edward—Hector vs. Eureka,” Wilkes’ Spirit of the Times, vol.  4, no. 18  (6 Jul 1861), p. 276, col. 3

29-30 Oct, 1861


Granville Corners, N.Y.

Union (Whitehall) 34

Eureka (Whitehall) 30

(New York Clipper: “The ball players of Whitehall, N.Y., who do not consider a prize match as tending to reduce base ball to “the level of the prize ring,” me to play for a prize belt,, put up by the Eureka club, of Whitehall, ….  The prize was open for all regular organized clubs, but only the Union, of Whitehall, entered for the competition, with the Eurekas.  The day set for the game was the 18th of October, but the heavy rain of that day caused its postponement until the 29th.  At 6 o’clock P.M. and after the playing of four innings, the darkness compelled the ‘boys” to defer the completion of the game until the following morning.  At 9 ½ o’clock the game was resumed in the midst of a shower, which soon cleared off, and before the close of the game the ground was in excellent condition.”

(1) “Base Ball at Granville Corners, N.Y., Union vs. Eureka—Match for a Prize at $25,” New York Clipper, vol. [xx], no. xx ([xx] Nov 1861), p. [xx], col. [xx]