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Date Saturday, December 10, 1859
Location NYC, NY, United States

On December 10, 1859, the New York Clipper printed a seasonal analysis of the performance of the Excelsior Club of Brooklyn, including two charts with individual batting and fielding statistics for each member of the club. Compiled by Henry Chadwick, he described it as the “first analysis of a Base Ball Club we have seen published.”

Within the “Analysis of the Batting” were two columns titled “Average and Over,” reflecting the rate at which batters scored runs and made outs per game. These averages were in the cricket style of X—Y, where X is the number of runs per game divided evenly (the “average”) and Y is the remainder (the “over”). For instance, Henry Polhemus scored 31 runs in 14 games for the Excelsiors in the 1859 season, an average of 2—3 (14 divides evenly into 31 twice, leaving a remainder of 3).

This was the first of six such sets published over the 1859-1860 off-season. 


New York Clipper (New York City, NY), 10 December 1859: p. 268; Dec. 24, 1859; Jan. 14, 1860; Feb. 4, 1860

Submitted by Bob Tholkes, Colin Dew-Becker
Submission Note 3/13/2014, 9/15/2014


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