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Challenge Match Played Among Manchester Printers on Fast Day

Salience Noteworthy
Tags Newspaper Coverage
City/State/Country: Manchester, NH, United States
Game Base-Ball
Immediacy of Report Contemporary
Age of Players Adult
Holiday Fast Day

"The Printers of this city, agreeably to the above [challenge receipt], came to the scratch (sic) at 8 1/2 o'clock [AM], Fast morning, and engaged in the healthy exercises of the ball for about an hour and a half. . . .   

"The results of the playing was as follows: [Mirror members won two of three 25-run games, 25-3 "points", 17-25, and 25- 3.]

"The beaten party did the 'fair' thing n the evening, in the way of a supper.  A flow of wit and humor closed the day to the satisfaction of the craft."

The formal challenge and its response appear in Supplemental Text, below. 



Dollar Weekly Mirror, Manchester NH, April 10, 1858.


This match was also reported in Porter's Spirit of the Times: see https://protoball.org/Manchester_Mirror_printers_v_Other_Manchester_printers_on_6_April_1858.

Bruce Allardice notes that the game was also reported in the Manchester Daily Mirror of April 9, 1858.


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Were the challenger's "subs" seen as non-employee ringers or as subordinate Mirror employees? 

Is the 20 pace "limit of goals" the distance between bases?  Was this variable commonly negotiated in 1858 matches?

This "best-of-3-games-to-25 format was commonly found in matches reported in Syracuse NY.  Was it common around New England?


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Submitted by Donna Halper
Submission Note Email of 5/3/2020
Has Supplemental Text Yes


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Supplemental Text


A Challenge. -- The printers and "subs" connected with the Mirror office, do hereby invite the printers of all the other offices in this city to meet them on Fast Day, at such hour and place as they may choose, to engage in a friendly game of ball, for an oyster supper. each party to find such ball and bats as they may choose.

This challenge to be accepted previous to Tuesday noon.

W. N. Haradan, J. H. Hynes -- For the Challengers

Manchester, April 3, 1858.


The Challenge Accepted

We, Printers of Manchester, having been challenged by the Printers and "subs" of the Mirror office to meet them in a friendly trial of skill at Ball-plying on Fast Day, hereby accept the challenge, the conditions to be as follows:

Time, 8 o'clock, A.M.

Place, Rye-Field.

Game, Base-Ball.

Limit of Goals, 20 Paces.

3 games to be played, 25 points each.

3 Umpires to be chosen, 2 by the contending parties, the third by the first two, who shall decide all disputed points.

The match to be played by an equal number of men.

M.P. Hall, H.E. Newton, for the challenged party.

Manchester, April 6, 1858.