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Ballgame Marks Anniversary in MA

Salience Noteworthy
Location Massachusetts
City/State/Country: Barre, MA, United States
Game Base Ball
Immediacy of Report Contemporary
Age of Players Adult

"In Barre, Massachusetts [about 20 miles northwest of Worcester], the anniversary of the organization of government was celebrated by a game of ball - round or base ball, we suppose - twelve on a side. It took four hours to play three heats, and the defeated party paid for a dinner at the Barre Hotel."



North American and United States Gazette, June 7, 1848. 

Trenton State Gazette (NJ), pg. 1, June 8, 1848.


A team size of 12 and three-game match are consistent with some Mass game contests.

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This seems to have been a Philadelphia paper; why would it carry - or reprint - this central-MA story?

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Submitted by John Thorn
Submission Note 10/12/2007


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