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Nick Name (unreported)
Earliest Known Date 1949
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Nine Class Senior

"Towards the end of World War II, Sweden, which was a neutral, decided to buy fifty P-51 Mustang aircraft, to re-equip its air force.  These were flown to Sweden by American pilots, and American pilots had to instruct Swedes n handling these planes.  During this contact, they also taught baseball to the Swedes. 

"Arising out of this interest, a club was formed in Stockholm in 1949."

Note: Clubs in Sweden had formed in 1910, but "a long period followed during which the game probably died out, and it appears to have been reintroduced in 1945."



Swedish Baseball History, Baseball Mercury (England, William Morgan, ed.) Issue 13, August 1976, page 3.  Accessed 6/24/2013 at  

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Found by Joe Gray
Submission Note Via Project Cobb Website (url above)
First in Location Sweden


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