Southern Tasmania Base Ball Club of Hobart

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Nick Name Southern Tasmania
Earliest Known Date 1890
Location Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Nine Class Senior

Sporting Life, vol. 15, no. 20 (Aug. 16, 1890) p. 9 has an article titled "Base Ball. Australia News." which gives some details on the "Victoria league" of the Australian state of Victoria. The article mentions teams in Melbourne, Richmond and Victoria, and also clubs in Adelaide, Broken Hill, and Tasmania.

The Hobart Mercury, April 7, 1890: "S.T.C.C. will initiate a base ball club, and have accepted a challenge to a contest on the 27th of May, at Hobart, from the Fitzroy Club." Same, Jun 7, 1890, says the members of the S.T. Baseball Club meet for practice this afternoon.

Same, May 27, 1890 reports on the game, and makes clear the team is named the Southern Tasmania Baseball Club. It seems to have been formed from a cricket club of the same name. It beat Fitzroy 11 to 5 on the "upper cricket grounds". Same May 29, 1890 has the Southern Tasmanians again beating Fitzroy 19 to 10. The names and positions of the players are given in the box score.

The Hobart Mercury, Sept. 16, 1890 reports on the annual meeting of the southern Tasmania Cricket Association. It has the following:


Yet another pastime has been introduced by your committee, namely, the game of base-ball. Materials were procured and members initiated into the mysteries of the game by the M.C.C. on their visit bore. A club has been formed from amongst members of the Association, and two matches played against the Fitzroy Football Baseball Club, in both of which the Association were successful. The number of members is, however, small, though those that have taken up the game have shown great interest in it, and turned up on all occasions for practice.

Your committee trust that having gone to the expense of obtaining a complete base ball set the club will not fall to the ground through lack of support on the part of members of the Association, and also that it can be arranged to play both base ball and cricket during the summer months without interfering with the latter game."

A wiki article cites a Sept. 22, 1855 article in the [Hobart] "Tasmanian Colonial Times and Tasmanian" as grumbling how baseball was intruding on the Sabbath.

The Illinois State Register, Jan. 19, 1913, reports that "baseball is taking a wonderful hold" in Tasmania, quoting Charles C. Spink of the St. Louis family.

For more see George Gmelch, "Baseball in Tasmania," NINE, Spring 2011, pp. 93-100.


Sporting Life, vol. 15, no. 20 (Aug. 16, 1890) p. 9. The Hobart Mercury, April 7, 1890, May 27, May 29, June 7, Sept. 16, 1890.

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Found by Bruce Allardice
First in Location Tasmania, Australia


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