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"Many Exciting Chases After the Ball: 19th Century Base Ball in Bismarck, Dakota Territory" +true  +
"Old Fashioned Base Ball" in Western New York, 1825-1860 +true  +
"The Creation of the Alexander Cartwright Myth" +true  +
"The Making of a New York Folk Hero" +true  +


'Balls Days' in the Year AD 1858 +true  +
'Knur and Spell' and Allied Games +true  +
'The Father of Baseball': A Biography of Henry Chadwick +true  +
'Their Hands Are All Out Playing:' Business and Amateur Baseball, 1845-1917 +true  +


100 Years of Baseball: the Intimate and Dramatic Story of Modern Baseball From the Game's Beginnings Up to the Present Day +false  +
100 Years of Buffalo Baseball +false  +
150 Years of Baseball +false  +
1609 -- Polish Workers Play Ball at Jamestown, Virginia: An Early Hint of Europe's Influence On Base Ball +true  +
1609: Polish WorkersPlat Ball at Jamestown, Virginia: An Early Hint of Europe's Influence On Base BallCountry=United States +true  +
1621 -- Pilgrim Stolball an the Profusion of American Safe-Haven BallgamesCountry=United States +true  +
1672 -- The Amazing Francis Willugby, and the Role of Stoolball in the Evolution of Baseball and Cricket +true  +
1726 -- Ballplaying and Boston Common: A Town Playground for Boys . . . And Men +true  +
1744 -- "How Is It, Umpire?" The 1744 Laws of Cricket and Their Influence on the Development of Baseball in America +true  +
1744 -- John Newbery Publishes 'A Little Pocket Book,' and with it Our First Glimpse of English Baseball +true  +
1755 -- 'The Bat and Ball;' A Distinct Game or a Generic Term? +true  +
1781 -- Protoball at Harvard: From Pastime to Contest +true  +
1791 -- The Pittsfield "Baseball" Bylaw -- What it Means +true  +
1791 And All That; Baseball and the Berkshires +true  +
1805 -- An Enigmatic 1805 'Game of Bace' in New York +true  +
1821 -- New York Mansion Converted to Venue Suitable for Ballplaying +true  +
1825 -- Thurlow Weed and the Growth of Baseball in Rochester, New York +true  +
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