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-2000000c.2 +Humans Evolve as Runners  +
-2500.2 +Tale of Game in Sumer, Possibly Using Ball and Mallet.  +


1086.1 +Form of Stool Ball Possibly Found in Domesday Book in Norman England  +
1100s.1 +"Pagan" Ball Rites Observed in France in 1100s and 1200s  +
1189.1 +"Unconfirmed" Report of a Stoolball Reference by Iscanus  +
1200s.1 +Bat and Ball Game Illustration Appears in English Genealogical Roll  +
1205.1 +"Ball" Rolls into the English Language  +
1255.1 +Spanish Painting Seen as Earliest Depiction of Ballplaying  +
1299.1 +Prince of Wales Plays "Creag," Seen By Some as a Cricket Precursor  +
1300s.1 +Trapball Played in the British Isles  +
1300s.3 +Stoolball Said to Originate Among Sussex Milkmaids  +
1301.1 +Ghistelles Calendar Depicts Vigorous-Looking Bat/Ball Game  +
1310.1 +Documents Said to Describe Baseball-like Romanian Game of Oina  +
1310c.2 +A Drawing of "A Game of Ball," with a Player in a Batting Pose  +
1330.1 +Vicar of Winkfield Advises Against Bat/Ball Games in Churchyards; First Stoolball Reference?  +
1344.1 +Manuscript Shows a Club-and-Ball Game with Stool-like Object  +
1363.1 +Englishmen Forbidden to Play Ball; Archery Much Preferred  +
1365.1 +Edward III Prohibits Playing of Club-Ball.  +
1385.1 +English Boys Play Ball "To the Grave Peril of Their Souls"  +
1393.1 +Disconfirmed Poetry Lines Said to Denote Stoolball in Sussex  +
1400c.1 +Savior Son Wants "To Go Play at Ball"  +
1440c.1 +Fresco at Casa Borromeo shows Female Ball Players  +
1450.1 +John Myrc Repeats Warning Against Ball Play in the Churchyard, Including "Stoil Ball"  +
1450.2 +Stoolball Dated by NSA to 1450 in "Don Quixote"  +
1470c.1 +Editor Sees Stoolball in Verse on Bachelorhood  +
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