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A tabular listing of resources regarding a specific region of baseball origins

Title Author Date State City Online Link Origins Study Group
Arkansas Baseball Encyclopedia (website) Hardwick, Caleb AR link
The Knickerbockers; San Francisco's First Baseball Team? Macfarlane, A. 2007 CA San Francisco
History of Baseball in California and Pacific Coast Leagues 1847-1938; Memories of an Old Time Baseball Player Lange, F. W. 1938 CA
A History of Baseball in the San Francisco Bay Area unknown 1985 CA San Francisco
Baseball in San Diego:From the Pares to Petco Swank, Bill 2004 CA San Diego
Middleton's Seaason in the Sun: The Story of Connecticut's First Profefssional Baseball TeamCountry=US Arcidiacono, David CT Middleton
That Strange Yankee Game, Wicket Norton, F. C. 1904 CT
The Old-Time Game of Wicket and Some Old-Time Wicket Players. Seymour, G. D. 1909 CT link
1859 -- State Championship Wicket Game in Connecticut: A Hearty Hurrah for a Doomed Pastime McCray, Larry 2011 CT
Major League Baseball in Gilded Age Connecticut Arcidiacono, David 2010 CT
Grace, Grit, and Growling: The Hartford Dark Blues Base Ball Club, 1874-1877 Arcidiacono, David 2003 CT Hartford
Bridgeport Baseball Biewala, Michael 2003 CT Bridgeport
Baseball in New Haven Rubin, Sam 2003 CT New Haven
Litchfield and the Old Connecticut Game of Wicket Dubois, Alexander 2018 CT Litchfield link
Early Baseball in Wahington, DCCountry=US Ceresi, Frank, and C. McMains TBD DC Washington
Henderson, Cartwright, and the 1953 US Congress Berenbak, Adam 2014 DC Washington
Baseball in Florida McCarthy, Kevin 1996 FL
A Short History of Baseball in Miami and Miami Beach Unknown 1992 FL Miami
Unidentified Source Unidentified HI
Missionaries, Cartwright, and Spalding: The Development of Baseball in Nineteenth Century Hawaii Ardolina, Frank 2002 HI
America's 50th Home Run Johnson, Drew 2013 HI link
Baseball in Illinois several IL
Baseball in Old Chicago Federal Writers' Project (Illinois) 1939 IL Chicago
19th Century Baseball in Chicago Rucker, M., and John Freyer 2003 IL Chicago
The Baseball Fad in Chicago, 1865-1870 Freedman, Stephen 1978 IL Chicago
Research Notes on Modern BB in Early IL Kittel, Jeff 2010 IL
Batter Up: Ft. Wayne's Baeball History 1862-1967 Parker, Bob 1967 IN Fort Wayne
Batter Up: Fort Wayne's Baseball History Parker, B. 1967 IN Fort Wayne
Baseball in Indianapolis Madden, W.C. 2003 IN Indianapolis
Baseball in South Bend Kovach, John M. 2004 IN South Bend
Seventy-five Years on Louisville Diamonds (booklet) Tarvin, A. H. 1940 KY Louisville
Draft Chapter on Beginnings of Ballplaying in KY Bailey, Bob 1990 KY Louisville
Chapter 1: Beginnings. From Amateur Teams of Disgrace in the National League Bailey, Bob 1999 KY Louisville
Email messasge, 2005 --Pre-Major Leaguers in LouisianaCountry=US Derenbecker, Sandy LA New Orleans
1781 -- Protoball at Harvard: From Pastime to Contest Lewis, Harry 2011 MA Cambridge
1755 -- 'The Bat and Ball;' A Distinct Game or a Generic Term? Turner, Brian 2011 MA
1791 -- The Pittsfield 'Baseball' Bylaw -- What it Means Thorn, John 2011 MA Pittsfield
1829 -- The Rise and Fall of New England-Style Ballplaying McCray, Larry 2011 MA
Massachusetts Baseball and Cricket, 1840-1870 Kirsch, G. B. 1991 MA
Fast Day: Boston's Original Opening Day Hulbert, J. 2007 MA Boston
A History of the Boston Baseball Club Twohey, George 1897 MA Boston
The Hurrah Game: Baseball in Northampton, 1791-1953 Turner, Brian and John S. Bowman 2002, rev. 2011 MA Northampton
Old Boston Boys and the Games They Played Lovett, J. D. W. 1907 MA Boston link
Baseball in the Berkshires: A County's Common Bond Overmyer, Jim, et. al tbd MA Dalton
Massachusetts (Chapter Five of Morris' "Baseball Founders") Morris, Peter 2013 MA
Chapter 2 -- Wicket Ball: The Predecessor to 'The New York Game' Genovese, Daniel L. 2004 MA Westfield
Before the Curse: The Glory Days of New England Baseball, 1858-1918 Soos, T. 1997 MA
1726 -- Ballplaying and Boston Common: A Town Playground for Boys . . . And Men Turner, Brian 2011 MA Boston
1858 -- Diffusion of the New York Game in Maryland Payne, Marty 2011 MD
The Early History of Amateur Base Ball in the State of Maryland Griffith, W. R. 1992 MD
Baseball in Baltimore: The First 100 Years Bready, J. 1998 MD Baltimore
Was Baseball Really Invented in Maine? Anderson, Will 1992 ME
When Towns Had Teams Baumer, Jim 2005 ME
Baseball Fever: Early Basebnall in Michigan Morris, Peter 2003 MI
The Rise of Baseball in Minnesota Monroe, Cecil O. 2012 MN
Midwest and National Base Ball in Minnesota Newspapers Thilgen, D. 2002 MN
Baseball in Minnesota: A Definitive History Thornley, Stew 2006 MN
Chapter 5, Massachusetts Peter Morris, et. al. Massachusetts Lexington
Baseball in Catawba County NC Peeler, Tim, and B. McLawhorn 2004 NC
'Many Exciting Chases After the Ball: 19th Century Base Ball in Bismarck, Dakota Territory' Bohn, Terry 2014 ND Bismarck
Baseball in Trenton unknown 2003 NJ Trenton
Athletics at Princeton: A History Presbey, F. 1901 NJ Princeton link
The Jersey Game: The History of Modern Baseball from Its Birth to the Big Leagues in the Garden State DeClerico, J. M., and Barry J. Pavelec 1991 NJ
A Manly Pastime -- A Blog by John Zinn Zinn, John NJ link
The First Baseball Game, the Newspaper References to Baseball, and the New York Club Adelman, M. A. 1980 NY New York
1845 -- Baseball in Brooklyn, 1845 - 1870 Dyte, David 2011 NY Brooklyn
Superstars and Screwballs: 100 Years of Brooklyn Baseball Goldstein, R. 1991 NY Brooklyn
Big Apple Baseball: An Illustrated History from the Burroughs to the Ballparks Frommer, H. 1995 NY New York
Haymakers and Daisycutters: Troy and the National Pastime Puff, Richard unknown NY Troy
Baseball in Geneva Myers, Minor 1988 NY Geneva
Baseball in the Bronx, Before the Yankees Christiano, Gregory 2013 NY The Bronx
100 Years of Buffalo Baseball Overfield, J. M. 1985 NY Buffalo
The History of Baseball in Buffalo Ohler, W. Richard 2001 NY Buffalo
Baseball in Rochester Pitoniak, Scott 2003 NY Rochester
1843 -- Magnolia Club Predates the Knickerbocker Thorn, John 2011 NY Manhattan
1825 -- Thurlow Weed and the Growth of Baseball in Rochester, New York Astifan, Priscilla 2011 NY Rochester
1805 -- An Enigmatic 1805 'Game of Bace' in New York Thompson, George 2011 NY Manhattan
'Old Fashioned Base Ball' in Western New York, 1825-1860 Astifan, Priscilla and Larry McCray 2008 NY
Long Before the Dodgers: Baseball in Brooklyn, 1855-1884 Terry, J. L. 2002 NY Brooklyn
Knickerbocker Score Books, Game Books, and Meeting Logs KBB Club NY Manhattan
A Sporting Time: New York City and the Rise of Modern Athletics, 1820-1870 Adelman, M. A. 1986 NY New York
Baseball in Dutchess County: When it Was a GameCountry=US Poillucci, J. V. 2001 NY
A Question of Territory. Troy’s Baseball Heritage Pietruzsa, D. 1992 NY Troy
Nestor of Ball Players Adams, Roger unpublished NY New York
A Grassroots History of Baseball: Days of the Rosewood Bat and the Silver Ball Staats, Richard 2003 OH
Baseball at Salisbury Prison Camp Sumner, J. 1989 OH
Baseball in Columbus Tootle, James 2002 OH Columbus
Ohio's First Baseball Game Husman, J. R. 2004 OH
Baseball in Cincinnati: A History Ellard, H. 2004 OH Cincinnati
Base Ball on the Western reserve: The Early Game in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, Year by Year and Town by Town, 1865-1900 Egan, J. M. 2008 OH Cleveland
Glory Days of Summer; the History of Baseball in Oklahoma. Burke, Bob, et. al. 1999 OK
Northern Sandlots: A Social History of Maritime Baseball Howell, Colin D. 1995 ONT
History of Baseball in Portland OR Anon 2009 OR Portland link
Sixty Years of Canadian Cricket Toronto McCulloch, J. 1895 Ontario Toronto link
The Pleasure of the Game: The Story of Toronto Cricket, 1827-1977 Fillmore, S. 1977 Ontario Toronto
Some Reminiscences of Cricket in Philadelphia Before 1861 Wister, W. R. 1904 PA Philadelphia link
Base Ball in Philadelphia: A History of the Early Game, 1831-1900 Shiffert, J. 2006 PA Philadelphia
Chapter 10. Baseball in Philadelphia (of 'Baseball's First Inning') Ryczek, William 2009 PA Philadelphia
A Century of Philadelphia Cricket Lester, J. A. 1951 PA Philadelphia
A History of Scranton Professional Baseball 1865-1953 Petula, Nickolas 1992 PA Scranton
Diamonds in the Coal Fields Kashatus, William PA
1831 -- The Olympic Ball Club of Philadelphia Hershberger, Richard 2011 PA Philadelphia
A Reconstruction of Philadelphia Town Ball Hershberger, R. 2007 PA Philadelphia
The Philadelphia Cricket Club, 1854-1954 unknown 1954 PA Philadelphia
Newport Baseball History: America's Pastime by the Sea. Harris, Rick 2014 RI Newport link
Newport Baseball History: America's Pastime in the City By the Sea Harris, Richard 2014 RI Newport
Rhode Island Baseball: The Early Years Harris, Rick 2008 RI link
The Doubleday Myth and Texas Baseball Carroll, J. M. 1989 TX
Juab County (UT) Information for Students Anon UT link
Baseball and Richmond: A History of the Professional Game. 1884-2000 Daniel, W. Harrison 2003 VA Richmond
Baseball in Portsmouth Shampoe, Clay, and T. Garrett 2004 VA Portsmouth
The Rise of Milwaukee Baseball . . . 1859-1901 Pajot, Dennis 2009 WI Milwaukee
Baseball in Eau Claire (Pictoral History) Christopherson, Jason 2003 WI Eau Claire
Ball, Bat, and Bitumen:A History of Coalfield Baseball in the Appalachian South Sutter, L. M. 2009 WV
West Virginia Baseball:A History, 1865-2000 Akin, William WV
US Infantry Faces Cavalry in WY in 1876 Bourke, John ?? WY


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