In Hobart on 22 September 1855

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Date of Game Saturday, September 22, 1855
Location Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
NY Rules Doubtful

From Protoball Entry #1855.29 – Even the Australians Are Bothered by Sunday Baseball

"Sabbath Desecration. – A correspondent requests us to call attention to the practice of a number of boys and young men, who congregate in Mr. Wilkinson's paddock, near Patrick and Murray Streets, on Sunday afternoons, for playing at cricket, base-ball, &c., making a great noise, and offending the eyes and ears of persons of moral and religious feeling."

Colonial Times [Hobart], Saturday, September 22, 1855, page 3. Posted to the 19CBB list November 21, 2009, by Eric Miklich. Subsequent comments from Bob Tholkes and Richard Hershberger [11/23/09] led to conjecture that this form of "base-ball" arrived Down Under directly from its English roots, for in 1855 American presence was largely restricted to the gold fields. Note: Hobart is on the northern coast of the island that has been known as Tasmania since 1856.


Hobart is on the southeast, not northern, coast of Tasmania. And Tasmania was named Van Diemen's Land until 1856.[ba]

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