In Bucharest in July 1923

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Date of Game July 1923
Location Bucharest, Romania

The Canton Repository, July 22, 1923, reports that the Queen of Yugoslavia recently "opened a baseball game at Bucharest, her girlhood home, by throwing in the ball." The article says this is/was the first game played in the Balkans, between Americans resident in Bucharest and "members of the Rumanian [sic] Government staff."

The game was played on a ball field, part of a golf/tennis/sports complex for Americans in Bucharest, built by Colonel Charles Greble of Philiadelphia, and known as the Bucharest Country Club. See the Dallas Morning News, July 22, 1923. This "Charles Greble" may refer to Edwin Greble (1887-1946), an army officer in WWI, who at this time lived in Bucharest selling locomotives for an American firm.


The Canton (Ohio) Repository, July 22, 1923; Dallas Morning News, July 22, 1923

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Found by Bruce Allardice
First in Location Romania


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