In Bangkok in January 1928

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Date of Game January 1928
Location Bangkok, Thailand

The Bakersfield Californian, Jan. 24, 1928, reports the following under the headline: "Siam Takes to Baseball with the Rest of the Orient." The article quotes the Bangkok Daily Mail (an American newspaper for the English-speaking residents of Bangkok) that "Within the last three days the members of the U.S. Navy fleet have played a baseball game with the Americans in this city..." The game attracted many Siamese and Chinese residents to watch, and the editor hopes that the game will spread to the natives. 

Note: Siam renamed itself Thailand 20 years later.

The game was new to Siam. The Baltimore American, Oct. 20, 1918, reported that Siamese soldiers fighting in France with the Allies already played a keep-the-ball-in the-air game, but when the Americans tried to teach them baseball, the unknowing Siamese used their craniums for a bat!

The Belton (TX) Sun, Oct. 27, 1938, reported: "Baseball in Siam. Baseball is now a favorite sport of Siamese women. The slant-eyed Oriental girls have learned to play it from American nuns."

The Amateur Baseball Association of Thailand was officially established Jan. 3, 1992.


Bakersfield Californian, Jan. 24, 1928

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Found by Bruce Allardice
First in Location Thailand


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