Clipping:Tossing for the choice of the umpire; an early use of 'umpire' as a verb

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Date Sunday, June 26, 1870

[Athletics vs. Cincinnati 6/22/1870] The gallant Red Men made their appearance on the field about 2:45 o’clock, but, notwithstanding their timely arrival, the game did not commence for an hour after. This delay was occasioned, as usual, by the Athletics disputing about the choice of an umpire. Harry Wright, the Cincinnati captain, proposed Mr. Glover, of the Empire Club, from New York, and who was perfectly agreeable to the Philadelphians when he umpired their game their game with the Atlantics on Monday last; but upon this occasion he did not meet with their approval–they wanted one of their own school. To this Harry objected, as he had allowed them to have their choice last year, and did not feel inclined to be coerced on this occasion. Finally, however, rather than delay any longer, he agreed, as a compromise, to toss for choice of umpires, and lost, the Athletics choosing Mr. McMullen, a person who had been one of the members of their club a fortnight ago, but hailing now from the Haymakers.

Source New York Dispatch
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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