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Date Friday, August 5, 1870

[regarding an upcoming picked nine match] The great novelty of the affair will be the catching of Ferguson, to Cummings' pitching. It has been a common saying, that had Arthur a catcher upon whom he might rely, so he could let himself out when he choose, he would be far more effective than now, and would cast into the shale all the pitchers of the period; for that reason, Fergy, with his characteristic good nature, kindly volunteered his services, if Arthur preferred. The “boy” was willing, and will do his best, knowing if Rob cannot catch for him, no one can; so look out for squalls, for Arthur has let all the reefs out, and will enter the match under full sales, with colors flying. Brooklyn Eagle August 5, 1870

The game was beautifully played, hardly an error being accounted, as the appended score will show. Arthur pitched with rare skill and judgment, while Fergy backed him in a style to bring forth comment of applause from all; indeed, neither Arthur nor Bob ever did better; the former seeming to know that Rob would do his best, and placed implicit faith in him, while Robbie determined that if defeat perched upon their banners, it would not be the fault of Robert Ferguson. Brooklyn Eagle August 8, 1870

Source Brooklyn Eagle
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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