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Date Sunday, September 4, 1870

As for giving decisions in favor of the ball in doubtful cases, the very reverse is the rule of the game; for in baseball, as in law, the judge is not justified in regarding a man as guilty unless proved so, and so in baseball. He, therefore, has no right to decide a man out until he is plainly out. New York Sunday Mercury September 4, 1870

Western clubs hippodroming?; the Red Stockings without George Wright

It is a noticeable fact that the Atlantics have lost every return game of the series played on their tour except the one which would have lost them the championship. Every other game they won with ease, witness their games with the Amateurs, of Chicago, and Niagaras, of Buffalo.

The defeat of the Red Stockings by the Chicago nine shows how unprepared the former were to sustain their high reputation, the absence of George Wright weakening them greatly. This defeat only shows more clearly that their victory over the Atlantics was of the same character as those in Chicago and Cleveland.

It would almost appear from the results of games recently played out West, that the Brooklyn policy of letting first or second games go by default, in order to insure third games, is being adopted by Western clubs. It is either this, or else that the Chicago Club is really looming up as the crack club of the country. New York Sunday Mercury September 11, 1870

Source New York Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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