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Date Sunday, August 28, 1870

[Forest City of Cleveland vs. Mutual 8/24/1870] [James White] sent a high ball to right field, and as Martin ran in for the ball, picked it up close to the ground–many said off the ground–and appealed for the catch by holding up the ball and calling out that he had caught it on the fly, the umpire decided the striker out. ... In regard to the decision on the catch made by Martin, it was very plainly manifest that it was next to an impossibility for the umpire to have seen whether the ball was taken on the fly or the bound; and as for the appeal, a fielder in taking balls on the run so close to the ground is himself very apt to be deceived. At any rate the doubt involved should have led to a decision in favor of the batsman, for unless the player is really and plainly put out all doubts go to his favor; that is the spirit of the rules of the game.

Source New York Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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