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Date Sunday, August 28, 1870

All distinguished pitchers are eccentric. McBride invariably carries a straw in this mouth, and before delivering the ball makes a deeply suggestion motion at Reach. Spaulding, of the Rockfords, clenches the ball in both hands, raises it to a level with his eyes and over the upper portion of its periphery cautiously eyes the third-base man. Burns, of the immaculately-hired Chicagoes, nearly disjoints himself at every delivery, while even Henderson, of the Intrepids, works his leg as though trained to the tread-mill. Not so with Pratt. Fitting the ball tightly in his right hand he draws his arm rapidly back, whirls it so rapidly that it flickers before the eye like the spokes of a fast turning wheel and then with a forward lounge [sic: probably ‘lunge’] sends it to the batsman with the velocity of a cannon ball.

Source New York Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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