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Date Sunday, October 2, 1870

A man named McAlls has published a statement in a Brooklyn recently offering to bet $5,000 that he could prove that the game with the Mutuals, on the 22d, was sold by the Atlantics. Mr. Ferguson tried to interview the man, in order to ascertain the truth of the charges; but could not find him. Ferguson wants any man that can prove any fraud on the part of the Atlantic players to let him know the facts of the case at once.

The Chicago Club recently published a card, expelling Craver from their nine, for alleged dishonorable conduct, including selling games. Now, by the rules of the National Association, every club playing with a nine, in which an expelled member of another club plays, is liable to expulsion from the National Association.

Source New York Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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