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Date Saturday, June 4, 1870

In the first place we will here say that notwithstanding the statements to the contrary, the Forest City’s [of Rockford] are a purely amateur organization. It is true that they have an enclosed ground at Rockford, and charge a regular admission fee to all games, and also that they accept their share of gate-money on their present trip; but not one cent of this money goes into the hands of the players. The treasurer takes charge of the fund, and pays from it the expenses of the club trips, and keeps the grounds at Rockford in perfect order. The uniforms and necessary equipments are also purchases with money from this source; but if at any time there is a surplus in the treasure not needed for club expenses, it is given to some charity in their village. Simmons, the only Eastern player in the nine, was once a member of the Empire, Mutual, and Union clubs. He joined the Excelsior club of Chicago three years since, and last season was found by one of the officers of the Rockford club driving horse cars in that city. Simmons was taken to Rockford, a situation in a store procured for him there, and he then joined the Forest City nine. National Chronicle June 4, 1870

sharp umpiring; dodging a wild delivery

[Riverside of Portsmouth, Ohio v. Cincinnati 5/28/1870] The commencement of the game was marked by sharp umpiring, which was needed so far as the pitching of the Riversides was concerned, George Wright and Gould, two heavy hitters, taking their bases on called balls, an occurrence very uncommon with them. Both of them struck fouls repeated and dodged about the home plate very lively in order to save themselves from being struck with the ball. Such a deliverer as Fitzsimmons prolongs a first-class game, and the audience weary of the performer. In this case the promptitude of the umpire in applying the remedy saved us. National Chronicle June 4, 1870

Source National Chronicle
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