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Date 1868

The snow was now beginning to fall thicker, nearly blinding Rice, as he took the bat, and the very first ball seeming pretty good, he gave it as hard a knock as he knew how, and ran. But he had miscalculated the twist, and the ball fell very near the short stop, making an easy throw into first base. Nothing but Rice’s matchless fleetness of foot saved him; he hurled himself at full length on the base, just as the ball was received from the short stop by Riley... Changing Base; or, What Edward Rice Learnt at School, pp. 164-165. William Everett. Lee and Shepherd, Boston. 1869 [copyright 1868] [an engraved illustration from Changing Base by William Everett, published 1868, showing the runner on the ground on his stomach, and a baseman standing over him holding the ball, with the caption “Rice makes his Base.”]

Source Changing Base by William Everett
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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