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Date Sunday, October 30, 1870

The Cincinnati Commercial, in commenting on the Red Stocking match in Chicago, says: “After the game last Thursday, Mr. Gassette, President of the White Stocking, offered the officers of the Red Stockings less than $1,600 as their half of the receipts, stating that only 7,000 tickets had been sold. Mr. Gassette was quite nervous in his eagerness to settle on this basis, but Messrs. Bonte and Corre refused the tender as visibly unfair, if not dishonest. The papers stated that the crowd numbered 18,000, and that the vehicles alone, by actual count, were 1,215. Messrs. Corre and Bonte subsequently measured the seating capacity of Dexter Park, and securing abundant data to prove that Thursday’s crowd could not have been less than 12,000, they laid their case before the stockholders of the White Stockings, who appeared to be equally surprised and annoyed at Mr. Gassette’s singular exhibit. Mr. Bonte remained in Chicago after the club started home, and through the aid of the stockholders, received a considerably larger amount than the anxious Gassette had offered.

Source New York Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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