Clipping:A dispute between the press and the Capitoline grounds

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Date Saturday, June 4, 1870

We hear strange reports from New York regarding the treatment of reporters who attend the Capitoline Grounds to report the base ball matches. The trouble seems to be caused by the refusal of the New York press to announce a day or two before hand, gratuitously, the match games that are arranged to take place upon the Capitoline, and Mr. Tweed [sic throughout] one of the proprietors, as a sort of retaliatory measure, has told the reporters that he intends to remove the stand devoted to their use, and will show them no more favor. Mr. Decker, his partner does not joint with Mr. Tweed in his movement, which must result in a great depreciation of Capitoline stock. The best thing Mr. Tweed can do is to retire as gracefully as possible from the position he has taken in this matter, for it he persists in withholding favors from the newspapers, he will see his audience growing small and beautifully less.

Source National Chronicle
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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