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Date Sunday, August 26, 1860

[Atlantic vs. Excelsior 8/23/1860] McMahon ran from the second to the third base, where he was put out... The ball was thrown by Leggett to Whiting to head off McMahon, who reached the base simultaneously with the ball; but in “sliding in,” he so far overreached the base that his arm was the only part of his body on the base. Judgment was asked for, and the umpire promptly decided that McMahon was “not out.” But McMahon, immediately after, incautiously raised his arm from the base before Whiting had a chance to deliver the ball; and the latter, detecting the movement, instantly touched him with the ball, and demanded judgment, which the umpire, of course, gave–deciding McMahon “out,” as he undoubtedly was.

Source New York Sunday Mercury
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Submitted by Richard Hershberger
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