1863 New Marlboro Rules

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Rules and Regulations of the New Marlboro Match Base Ball Co.


First: The choice of choosing the first player shall be decided by the throwing up of the bat between the chooser’s.

Second: The side which shall have the first innings shall be decided as in Rule First.

Third: The chooser’s on either side shall by this Act be required to strike first.

Fourth: There shall not be any person at or around the stakes when the striker is making his round.

Fifth: The thrower must stand at the point designated for him when throwing the ball to the striker.

Sixth: The striker must when striking stand within the circle designated for him.

Seventh: If the thrower or catcher desire to throw the ball at any person in the game running his round he must stand within his circle.

Eighth: If the thrower and catcher pass the ball 3 times between themselves while the last striker is making his round he is by this Act out.

Ninth: The last striker can choose another person to take his place after he has been around 5 times, by which he himself is out for that game.

Tenth: There must be two persons chosen as judges, one from each side, to decide any difficulty that may arise. The players are to abide by their decisions.