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Diarist Records 12 References to Ball-Playing, 1863-1864

Salience Peripheral
Tags Civil War, Military

Edwin A. Haradon, a member of the 86th NY infantry [possibly from the Corning NY area], made 12 terse references to ballplaying from January 17, 1863 to April 15, 1864.

Most are simple diary notes like the first entry: “Staid around camp and plaid at ball and had a good time nothing else going on.”

Some other examples: “April 2 [1863] “went on picket plaid ball at the reserve 10:00 till 1:00 o’clock” April 6 [1863] “plaid at ball and saw the boys play drop ball.” April 15 [1864] “plaid ball some jumped some” April 30 [1863] “Laid around camp Saw the 40 and our boys play.” June 21 [1865] “Read some quite lonesome Saw the 73rd & 40th play ball some in the afternoon.” Haradon saw action at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg , and was wounded at Spotsylvania.

Civil War Diary of Edwin Albert Haradon. Provided by Michael Aubrecht, May 2009.

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