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Southern Newspaper Urges: “More Manly Sports Like Cricket and Base Ball, Less Cardplay”

Salience Peripheral
Tags Civil War

“’Every volunteer who has been in service, has realized the tedium of camp life . . . there is waste time, which might be used advantageously at such manly exercises as cricket, base ball, foot ball, quoit pitching, etc.’ That paper lamented the shortage of sporting goods available for the men and called for hardware dealers to supply quoits and also cricket and base ball bats. ‘For want of such things,’ it concluded, ‘the time of the soldier is mainly spent playing cars.’”

Source: Charleston Mercury, April 3, 1862, page. 2, column. 1. Mentioned without citation in Kirsch, Baseball in Blue and Gray (Princeton U, 2003), page 40. It seems interesting that cricket and base ball receive comparable emphasis in this article.


Duplicate of 1862C.54

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