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You've Got to Play Along to Get Along?

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Tags Chapbooks for Juveniles, Fiction
Immediacy of Report Contemporary
Age of Players Juvenile

Frank Forrester [Daniel Wise], Ralph Rattler: or, The Mischief-Maker (Brown Taggart and Chase, 1853), pp. 12-14: "In one episode, Ralph, a supercilious sort, refused an invitation to play ball with his Belmont Academy fellow students, because he dressed better than they did. . . . this scorn backfired for Ralph as he found making any friends very hard.  Ball play, apparently, was a marker of social acceptance"


Tom Altherr, Ball Playing . . . as a Moral Backdrop in Children's Literature, in Originals, volume 5, number 5 (May 2012), pp 1 - 2.



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