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Monotony and Base-base in the 48th NY

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“[L]ife at Fort Pulaski resumed with us its monotony. Our duties were all routine. Many sports, however, were engaged in to while away the time, and all will recall the fishing for sheep’s-head, the duck-shooting, base-ball, and other sports. Our baseball nine was a fine success. In games with picked nines from other regiments it generally won the laurels. In game with the nine of the Forty-seventh New York, played at Fort Pulaski, January 3, 1863, it won by a score of twenty to seven.” Fort Pulaski was on the Georgia Coast, about ten miles SE of Savannah.

Abraham J. Palmer, The History of the Forty-Eighth Regiment New York State Volunteers (Veteran Association of the Regiment, Brooklyn, 1885), page 57. This is the book’s only ballplaying reference. Accessed 6/6/09 on Google Books via “forty-eighth palmer” search. The regiment evidently comprised mostly Brooklynites.

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