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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club P. V. Nasby Club of Green Tree 1867 Green Tree PA Green Tree, PA
Club Anthracite Club of Shamokin 1867-06 Shamokin PA Shamokin, PA
Ballgame Media picked nine v Eclipse Club of Chester 1867-06-17 Media PA Media, PA
Club Dexter Club of Springfield 1867 Springfield PA Springfield, PA
Club Star Club of Allentown 1867 Allentown PA Allentown, PA
Club Waynesboro Base Ball Club 1867 Waynesboro PA Waynesboro, PA
Club Eckford Club of Wilkinsburg 1867 Wilkinsburg PA Wilkinsburg, PA
Club Club of Venango 1868 Venango PA Venango, PA
Club Social Club of Saegerstown 1868 Saegerstown PA Saegerstown, PA
Club Hope Club of West Alexander 1869 West Alexander PA West Alexander, PA
Club Union Club of Natrona 1869 Natrona PA Natrona, PA
Club Keystone Club of Saltsburg 1869 Saltsburg PA Saltsburg, PA
Club Mount Vernon Club of Manayunk 1869 Manayunk PA Manayunk, PA
Club Fearless Club of Claysville 1869 Claysville PA Claysville, PA
Club Independent Club of Hazelwood 1869 Hazelwood PA Hazelwood, PA
Club Club of Mt. Carmel 1869-06-01 Mount Carmel PA Mount Carmel, PA
Club Star Club of Lehigh 1869 Lehigh PA Lehigh, PA
Club Bismarck Club of Germantown 1870 Germantown PA Germantown, PA
Club Club of Lock Haven 1875-10 Lock Haven PA Lock Haven, PA
Previous     Results 101– 119    Next        (20 | 50 | 100 | 250 | 500)
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