White Caps Club of Sioux City v Railroad Club of Cherokee in July 1870

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Waff's Game Tabulation

Awaiting Review
Date of Game July 1870
Location Sioux City, IA, United States
Modern Address Sioux City IA
Home Team White Caps Club of Sioux City
Away Team Railroad Club of Cherokee
Score 78 - 41
NY Rules Likely

The Yankton Union and Dakotian, July 7, 1870, says the Sioux City White Caps recently beat the Railroad Club of Cherokee, 78-41.

We are uncertain as to the location of this game. There is a Sioux City IA, and a North Sioux City SD (and,for good measure, a South Sioux City NE), but no Sioux City SD. North Sioux City SD has a current population of about 2500.

"Cherokee" does not appear to be the name of a SD location, but there is a Cherokee IA (1870 pop. about 440)and it's about 50 miles NE of all three Sioux Cities.

I know, I am not helping you (so sioux me).


Yankton Union and Dakotian, July 7, 1870

Found by Bruce Allardice
First in Location Sioux City, IA
Players Locality Local
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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