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Title Author Date State City Online Link Origins Study Group
"Many Exciting Chases After the Ball: 19th Century Base Ball in Bismarck, Dakota Territory"Country=United States Bohn, Terry 2014 ND Bismarck
"Old Fashioned Base Ball" in Western New York, 1825-1860Country=United States Astifan, Priscilla and Larry McCray 2008 NY
"The Creation of the Alexander Cartwright Myth"Country= Hershberger. Richard 2014 link
"The Making of a New York Folk Hero"Country= Thorn, John 2015 link
'Knur and Spell' and Allied GamesCountry= Atkinson, F. 1963
'Their Hands Are All Out Playing:' Business and Amateur Baseball, 1845-1917Country= Gelber, S. M. 1984
100 Years of Baseball: the Intimate and Dramatic Story of Modern Baseball From the Game's Beginnings Up to the Present DayCountry= Allen, L. 1950
100 Years of Buffalo BaseballCountry=United States Overfield, J. M. 1985 NY Buffalo
150 Years of BaseballCountry= Rucker, M., and Stephen Hanks 1989
1609: Polish WorkersPlat Ball at Jamestown, Virginia: An Early Hint of Europe's Influence On Base BallCountry=United States Block, David 2011
1609 -- Polish Workers Play Ball at Jamestown, Virginia: An Early Hint of Europe's Influence On Base Ball Block, David 2011
1621 -- Pilgrim Stolball an the Profusion of American Safe-Haven BallgamesCountry=United States Turner, Brian and Larry McCray 2011
1672 -- The Amazing Francis Willugby, and the Role of Stoolball in the Evolution of Baseball and CricketCountry=United States McCray, Larry 2011
1726 -- Ballplaying and Boston Common: A Town Playground for Boys . . . And MenCountry=United States Turner, Brian 2011 MA Boston
1744 -- "How Is It, Umpire?" The 1744 Laws of Cricket and Their Influence on the Development of Baseball in AmericaCountry=United States Hise, Beth 2011
1744 -- John Newbery Publishes 'A Little Pocket Book,' and with it Our First Glimpse of English BaseballCountry=United States Block, David 2011
1755 -- 'The Bat and Ball;' A Distinct Game or a Generic Term?Country=United States Turner, Brian 2011 MA
1781 -- Protoball at Harvard: From Pastime to ContestCountry=United States Lewis, Harry 2011 MA Cambridge
1791 -- The Pittsfield "Baseball" Bylaw -- What it MeansCountry=United States Thorn, John 2011 MA Pittsfield
1791 And All That; Baseball and the BerkshiresCountry= Thorn, J. 2007
1805 -- An Enigmatic 1805 "Game of Bace" in New YorkCountry=United States Thompson, George 2011 NY Manhattan
1821 -- New York Mansion Converted to Venue Suitable for BallplayingCountry=United States Hershberger, Richard 2011
1823 -- Game of Baseball Reported in "National Advocate"Country=United States Thompson, George 2011
1825 -- Thurlow Weed and the Growth of Baseball in Rochester, New YorkCountry=United States Astifan, Priscilla 2011 NY Rochester
1829 -- The Rise and Fall of New England-Style BallplayingCountry=United States McCray, Larry 2011 MA
1830 -- Thoreau's Diary Entry and Other Tiny Clues as to Who Played arly BallCountry=United States McCray, Larry 2011
1831 -- The Olympic Ball Club of PhiladelphiaCountry=United States Hershberger, Richard 2011 PA Philadelphia
1837 -- William Wheaton and the Evolution of the New York GameCountry=United States Brown, Randall 2011
1841 -- Barn BallCountry=United States Altherr, Thomas 2011
1843 -- Magnolia Club Predates the KnickerbockerCountry=United States Thorn, John 2011 NY Manhattan
1845 -- Baseball in Brooklyn, 1845 - 1870Country=United States Dyte, David 2011 NY Brooklyn
1845 -- The Knickerbocker Rules, and the Long History of the One-Bounce Fielding RuleCountry=United States McCray, Larry 2011
1850 -- Southern Ball-GamesCountry=United States Altherr, Thomas 2011
1853 -- The Baseball Press EmergesCountry=United States Thorn, John 2011
1854 -- William Van Cott Writes a Letter to the Sporting PressCountry=United States Ryczek, William 2011
1856 -- The New York Game in 1856: Poised for a National LaunchCountry=United States McCray, Larry 2011
1857 -- Nine Innings, Nine Players, Ninety Feet and Other Changes: The Recodification of Baseball Rules in 1857Country=United States Miklich, Eric 2011
1858 -- Diffusion of the New York Game in MarylandCountry=United States Payne, Marty 2011 MD
1858 -- The Changes Wrought by the Great Base Ball Match of 1858Country=United States Schaefer, Robert 2011
1859 -- State Championship Wicket Game in Connecticut: A Hearty Hurrah for a Doomed PastimeCountry=United States McCray, Larry 2011 CT
1860 -- Atlantics and Excelsiors Compete for the "Championship"Country=United States Waff, Craig 2011
1860 -- The "Sunday Mercury" Summarizes the 1860 SeasonCountry=United States Tholkes, Robert 2011
1862 -- American Cricket in the 1860sCountry=United States Hise, Beth 2011
1863 -- On the Battlefront, the New York Game Takes HoldCountry=United States Millen, Patricia 2011
19th Century Baseball in ChicagoCountry=United States Rucker, M., and John Freyer 2003 IL Chicago
200 Years of Sport in America: A Pageant of a Nation at PlayCountry= Twombly, W. 1976
A Ball Player’s CareerCountry= Anson, A. C. 1900 link
A Baseball AlbumCountry= Couzens, G. S. 1980
A Brief History of American SportsCountry= Gorn, E., and Warren Goldstein 1993
A Brief History of BaseballCountry= Richter, F. C. 1909
A Century of BaseballCountry= Doubleday, A. 1939
A Century of Philadelphia CricketCountry=United States Lester, J. A. 1951 PA Philadelphia
A Concise History of CricketCountry= Butler, S. H. 1946
A Critical Examination of a Source on Early Ontario Baseball: The Reminiscence of Adam E. FordCountry= Bouchier, N. B., and R. K. Barney 1988
A Game of Inches: The Stories Behind the Innovations That Shaped BaseballCountry= Morris, P. 2006
A Grassroots History of Baseball: Days of the Rosewood Bat and teh Silver BallCountry=United States Staats, Richard 2003 OH
A History of Australian Baseball: Time and GameCountry= Clark, J. 2003
A History of Baseball in the San Francisco Bay AreaCountry=United States unknown 1985 CA San Francisco
A History of Cricket (Green) Green, B. 1988
A History of CricketCountry= Ross, G. 1972
A History of Scranton Professional Baseball 1865-1953Country=United States Petula, Nickolas 1992 PA Scranton
A History of the Boston Baseball ClubCountry=United States Twohey, George 1897 MA Boston
A Manly Pastime -- A Blog by John ZinnCountry=United States Zinn, John NJ link
A New Perspective on Mexican Baseball OriginsCountry= Gonzalez, C. 2007
A Peek into the Pocket-BookCountry= Block, D. 2008
A Place Leavel Enough to Play Ball: Baseball and Baseball-Type Games in the Colonial Era, Revolutionary War, and Early American Republic.Country= Altherr, T. L. 2000
A Plea for Base-BallCountry= Chadwick, H. 1881
A Question of Territory. Troy’s Baseball HeritageCountry=United States Pietruzsa, D. 1992 NY Troy
A Reconstruction of Philadelphia Town BallCountry=United States Hershberger, R. 2007 PA Philadelphia
A Short History of Baseball in Miami and Miami BeachCountry=United States Unknown 1992 FL Miami
A Social History of English CricketCountry= Birley, D. 1999
A Sporting Time: New York City and the Rise of Modern Athletics, 1820-1870Country=United States Adelman, M. A. 1986 NY New York
A Stitch in Time: A Baseball Chronology, 1845 - 2000Country= Elston, G. 2001
A Whole New Ball Game: An Interpretation of American SportsCountry= Guttman, A. 1988
A. G. Spalding and the Rise of BaseballCountry= Levine, P. 1985
Abner Graves: The Man who Brought Baseball to CooperstownCountry= MacDougall, Hugh 2011
America Learns to Play: A History of Popular Recreation 1607-1940Country= Dulles, F. R. 1940 link
America Through BaseballCountry= Voigt, D. Q. 1976
America's 50th Home Run Johnson, Drew 2013 HI link
American Baseball: From Gentleman’s Sport to the Commissioner SystemCountry= Voigt, D. Q. 1966
American Chronicle of Sports and PastimesCountry= Chadwick, H. 1868
American Nonsinging GamesCountry= Brewster, P. G. 1953
American Sports (1785-1835)Country= Holliman, J. 1931
American Sports: From the Age of Folk Games to the Age of SpectatorsCountry= Rader, B. G. 1983
America’s National Game: Historic Facts Concerning the Beginnings, Evolution, Development and Popularity of Base BallCountry= Spalding, A. G. 1911 link
America’s Sporting Heritage: 1850-1950Country= Betts, J. R. 1974
An Encyclopedia of Rural SportsCountry= Blaine, D. P. 1840 link
An Illustrated History of Ball GamesCountry= Viney, N., and Neil Grant 1978
Annals of American SportCountry= Krout, J. A. 1929
Annals of CricketCountry= Read, W. W. 1897 link
Arete: Greek Sports from Ancient SourcesCountry= Miller, S. G. 2004
Arkansas Baseball Encyclopedia (website)Country=US Hardwick, Caleb AR link
Arlott and Trueman on CricketCountry= Arlott, J. a. T., F. 1977
At The Old Ball GameCountry= Casway, J. 1992
Athletic Sports in America, England, and AustraliaCountry= Palmer, H. C., et al. 1889 link
Athletics at Princeton: A HistoryCountry=US Presbey, F. 1901 NJ Princeton link
Ball Games: 1800-1860Country= Manchester, H. 1991
Ball, Bat, and Bishop: the Origin of Ball GamesCountry= Henderson, R. W. 1947
Ball, Bat, and Bitumen:A History of Coalfield Baseball in the Appalachian SouthCountry=US Sutter, L. M. 2009 WV
Balldom: A History of BaseballCountry= Morland, G. 1914
Ballparks of North America: 1845 to PresentCountry= Benson, M. 1989
Barbarians, Gentlemen, and PlayersCountry= Dunning, E., and Kenneth Sheard 1979
Base Ball - Who Plays the Genuine Game?Country= Anon. 1859
Base Ball Founders; the Clubs, Players and Cities of the Northeast that Established the GameCountry=US Morris, Peter, et. al., Editors 2013
Base Ball Pioneer, 1850-1870: The Clubs and Players Who Spread the Sport NationwideCountry=US Morris, Peter, et. al., editors 2012
Base Ball Pioneers: The Clubs and Players Who Spread the Sport NationwideCountry= Morris, Peter, et.al. 2012
Base Ball Reminiscences: Part I - The Evolution of Base BallCountry= Anon. 1887
Base Ball in Philadelphia: A History of the Early Game, 1831-1900Country=US Shiffert, J. 2006 PA Philadelphia
Base Ball on the Western reserve: The Early Game in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, Year by Year and Town by Town, 1865-1900Country=US Egan, J. M. 2008 OH Cleveland
Base Ball, 1845-1871Country= Church, S. R. 1902
Base BallCountry= Mayhew/Baker, e. 1858 link
Base ball and base ball playersCountry= Roff, E. 1912 link
Base is Not Always Baseball: Prisoner's base from the 13th to 20th CenturiesCountry=USA, England Altherr, Thomas 2009
Base-Ball as a Pastime and as a BusinessCountry= Anon. 1870
Base-Ball for the SpectatorCountry= Camp, W. 1889 link
Base-ball: How to Become a PlayerCountry= Ward, J. M. 1888 link
Base-ball: Review of the Season of ’68, With a Chapter on the Rise, Decline, and Future Prospects of the GameCountry= Anon. 1869
Baseball (1845-1881) From the Newspaper AccountsCountry= Orem, P. 1961
Baseball -- MajorCountry= Menke, F. G. 1947
Baseball Before We Knew It: A Search for the Roots of the GameCountry= Block, D. 2005
Baseball Extra: A Newspaper History of the Glorious Game from its BeginningCountry= Collection, E. C. C. 2000
Baseball Fever: Early Baseball in MichiganCountry= Morris, P. 2003
Baseball Fever: Early Basebnall in MichiganCountry=US Morris, Peter 2003 MI
Baseball History: An Annual of Original Baseball ResearchCountry= Levine, P., Ed. 1989
Baseball Known in Old World Under Various NamesCountry= Agen, M. 1927
Baseball Legends of Brooklyn’s Greenwood CemeteryCountry= Nash, P. J. 2003
Baseball VariantsCountry= Grossinger, R. 1977
Baseball and Mr. Spalding: The History and Romance of BaseballCountry= Bartlett, A. 1951
Baseball and Richmond: A History of the Professional Game. 1884-2000Country=US Daniel, W. Harrison 2003 VA Richmond
Baseball and RoundersCountry= Henderson, R. W. 1939
Baseball and the American DreamCountry= Durso, J. 1986
Baseball as Played By the IndiansCountry= Sarchet, C. M. 1908
Baseball at Salisbury Prison CampCountry=US Sumner, J. 1989 OH
Baseball in America: An Illustrated History of Our National PastimeCountry= Smith, R. 1961
Baseball in AmericaCountry= Knowles, R. G., and Richard Morton 1896 link
Baseball in Baltimore: The First 100 YearsCountry=US Bready, J. 1998 MD Baltimore
Baseball in Blue and GrayCountry= Kirsch, G. B. 2003
Baseball in Catawba County NCCountry=United States Peeler, Tim, and B. McLawhorn 2004 NC
Baseball in Cincinnati: A HistoryCountry=US Ellard, H. 2004 OH Cincinnati
Baseball in ColumbusCountry=US Tootle, James 2002 OH Columbus
Baseball in Dutchess County: When it Was a GameCountry=US Poillucci, J. V. 2001 NY
Baseball in Eau Claire (Pictoral History)Country=US Christopherson, Jason 2003 WI Eau Claire
Baseball in FloridaCountry=US McCarthy, Kevin 1996 FL
Baseball in GenevaCountry=US Myers, Minor 1988 NY Geneva
Baseball in IllinoisCountry=US several IL
Baseball in IndianapolisCountry=US Madden, W.C. 2003 IN Indianapolis
Baseball in Minnesota: A Definitive HistoryCountry=US Thornley, Stew 2006 MN
Baseball in New HavenCountry=US Rubin, Sam 2003 CT New Haven
Baseball in Newark: Images of BaseballCountry= Cvornyek, R. L. 2003
Baseball in Old ChicagoCountry=US Federal Writers' Project (Illinois) 1939 IL Chicago
Baseball in PortsmouthCountry=US Shampoe, Clay, and T. Garrett 2004 VA Portsmouth
Baseball in RochesterCountry=United States Pitoniak, Scott 2003 NY Rochester
Baseball in San Diego:From the Pares to PetcoCountry=US Swank, Bill 2004 CA San Diego
Baseball in South BendCountry=US Kovach, John M. 2004 IN South Bend
Baseball in TrentonCountry=US unknown 2003 NJ Trenton
Baseball in its AdolescenceCountry= Wittke, C. 1952
Baseball in the 19th CenturyCountry= Astifan, P. 1990
Baseball in the Bronx, Before the YankeesCountry=US Christiano, Gregory 2013 NY The Bronx
Baseball in the Garden of Eden: The Secret History of the Early GameCountry= Thorn, John 2011
Baseball in the Nineteenth CenturyCountry= Setzer, J. 1996
Baseball in the Seventeenth CenturyCountry= Barrett, P. V. 1910
Baseball in the Stone AgeCountry= Mehl, E. 1948
Baseball – North AmericanCountry= Rader, B. G. 1996
Baseball's Age of InnocenceCountry= Nugent, W. H. 1925
Baseball's First Inning: A History of the National Pastime Through the Civil WarCountry= Ryczek, William J. 2009
Baseball, Boosters, and the Amateur Not-for-Profit Approach to Community SportCountry= Bouchier, N. B. 2003
Baseball: A History of America's Favorite GameCountry= Vecsey, G. 2006
Baseball: A History of America’s GameCountry= Rader, B. G. 1992
Baseball: An Illustrated HistoryCountry= Ward, G. C., and Ken Burns 1994
Baseball: An Informal HistoryCountry= Wallop, D. 1969
Baseball: Diamond in the RoughCountry= Leitner, I. A. 1972
Baseball: Early History to 1869Country= Merrifield, A. S. 1990
Baseball: Its Great Players, Teams, and ManagersCountry= Danzig, A., and Joe Reichler 1959
Baseball: Its Rise and ProgressCountry= Anon. 1884
Baseball: More Than 150 YearsCountry= Nemec, D., and Saul Wisnia 1997
Baseball: The Early YearsCountry= Seymour, H. 1960
Baseball: The People’s GameCountry= Seymour, H. 1990
Baseball; A History of the National PastimeCountry= Stewart, M. 1998
Baseball. Games and Empire Guttman, A. 1994
BaseballCountry= Menke, F. G. 1944
Baseball: Miers, E. S. 1967
Baseball (Smith) Smith, R. 1949
Baseball’s Roots: The Fascinating Birth of America’s GameCountry= McCulloch, R., Ed. 2000
Bat and Ball; A New Book of CricketCountry= Moult, T., ed. 1935
Batter Up: Fort Wayne's Baseball HistoryCountry=US Parker, B. 1967 IN Fort Wayne
Batter Up: Ft. Wayne's Baeball History 1862-1967Country=US Parker, Bob 1967 IN Fort Wayne
Battingball GamesCountry= Maigaard, P. 1941
Before the Curse: The Glory Days of New England Baseball, 1858-1918Country=US Soos, T. 1997 MA
Before the Professionals CameCountry= Irwin, W. 1909
Beginnings an d Development of the Game of BaseballCountry= Louden, G. A. 1939
Big Apple Baseball: An Illustrated History from the Burroughs to the BallparksCountry=US Frommer, H. 1995 NY New York
Black Baseball: A History of African-Americans and the National GameCountry= McNary, K. 2003
Blackguards and Red Stockings: A History of Baseball's National AssociationCountry= Ryczek, W. J. 1992
Book of American Pastimes, Containing a History of the Principal Base Ball, Cricket, Rowing and Yachting Clubs of the United StatesCountry= Peverelly, C. 1866 link
Boy’s and Girl’s Book of SportsCountry= Daniels, G. P. 1845
Bridgeport BaseballCountry=US Biewala, Michael 2003 CT Bridgeport
Briwn University BaseballCountry=US Harris, Rick 2012 RI link
But Didn't We Have Fun? An Informal History of Baseball's Pioneer Era, 1843-1870Country= Morris, P. 2008
Can We Have Our Balls Back, Please? How the British Invented SportCountry= Norridge, J. 2008
Chapter 10. Baseball in Philadelphia (of "Baseball's First Inning")Country=US Ryczek, William 2009 PA Philadelphia
Chapter 1: Beginnings. From Amateur Teams of Disgrace in te National LeagueCountry=US Bailey, Bob 1999 KY Louisville
Chucking the Old Apple: Recent Discoveries of Pre-1840 North American Ball GamesCountry= Altherr, T. L. 2008
City Games: The Evolution of American Urban Society and the Rise of SportsCountry= Riess, S. A. 1989
Collection of Hungarian Folk GamesCountry= Hajdu, G. 1971
Concise History of Major League BaseballCountry= Koppett, L. 1998
Considerazioni ed Ipotesi Sull'origine del 'Om el Mahag'Country= Gini, C. 1941
Cricket Laws and TermsCountry= Scholefield, P. 1990
Cricket and All That; An Irreverent HistoryCountry= Blofield, H. 2001
Cricket in America, 1710-2000Country= Sentance, P. D. 2006
Cricket in AmericaCountry= Blancke, C. 1891
Cricket in the FortiesCountry= Phillips, B. 1894
Cricket: A History of its Growth and Development throughout the WorldCountry= Bowen, R. 1970
Cricket: A Way of LifeCountry= Martin-Jenkins, C. 1995
Cricket: History of the Game, Equipment, ...Country= Anon 1984
CricketCountry= Cardus, N. 1930
Cricketing BygonesCountry= Green, S. 1982
Cricket’s Secret HistoryCountry= Hammond, W. 1952
Day-by-Day in Baseball HistoryCountry= Moesche, C. R. 2000
Diamonds in the Coal FieldsCountry=US Kashatus, William PA
Diamonds in the North: A Concise History of Baseball in CanadaCountry=Canada Humber, W. 1995
Diamonds in the Rough: The Untold History of BaseballCountry= Bowman, J. S., and Joel Zoss 2004
Diamonds in the RoughCountry= Zoss, J., and John Bowman 1996
Double Century: 200 Years of Cricket in The TimesCountry= Williams, M. E. 1985
Double Century: The Story of MCC and CricketCountry= Lewis, T. 1987
Draft Chapter on Beginnings of Ballplaying in KYCountry=US Bailey, Bob 1990 KY Louisville
Early American Sport: A Checklist of Books by American and Foreign Authors Published in America Prior to 1860Country= Henderson, R. W. 1977
Early Baseball and the Rise of the National LeagueCountry= Melville, T. 2001
Early Baseball in Wahington, DCCountry=US Ceresi, Frank, and C. McMains TBD DC Washington
Early Club and Village CricketCountry= Goulstone, J. 1972
Early Forms of CricketCountry= Macgregor, R. R. 1879 link
Early Innings: A Documentary History of Baseball 1825-1908Country= Sullivan, D. A., Ed. 1995
East Yorkshire Cricket 1778-1914Country= Howorth, P. 1995
Echoes from Old Cricket FieldsCountry= Gale, F. 1871
Elysian Fields: The Birth of BaseballCountry= Gilbert, T. 1995
Email messasge, 2005 --Pre-Major Leaguers in LouisianaCountry=US Derenbecker, Sandy LA New Orleans
Encyclopedia of Traditional British Rural SportsCountry= Collins, T., et al. 2005
Encyclopedia of World Sport: From Ancient Times to the PresentCountry= Levinson, D., and Karen Christopher, Ed. 1999
English Cricket: The Game and its Players Through the AgesCountry= Brookes, C. 1978
English Sports and PastimesCountry= Hole, C. 1949
Every Boy's Book; A Complete Encyclopedia of Sports and AmusementsCountry= Routledge, E., ed. 1881 link
Evolution of Baseball from 1833 Up to the Present TimeCountry= Fogel, H. S. 1921
Faiths and Folklore: A Dictionary of National Beliefs, Superstitions and Popular CustomsCountry= Hazlitt, W. C. 1905 link
Fast Day: Boston's Original Opening DayCountry=US Hulbert, J. 2007 MA Boston
Fifty Years Reminiscences of Scottish CricketCountry= Bene, D. D. 1898
Flannels on the Sward: History of Cricket in AmericasCountry=US Patel, Jayesh 2013
Francis Willughby’s Book of Games: A Seventeenth Century Treatise on Sports, Games, and PastimesCountry= Willughby, F., and Clive L. Hardy 2003
From Cartwright to Shoeless Joe: The Warwick Compendium of Early BaseballCountry= McCulloch, R., Ed. 1998
From Pastime to MonopolyCountry= Shiffert, J. 2007
From Pastime to Passion: Baseball and the Civil WarCountry= Millen, P. 2001
From Ritual to Record: The Nature of Modern SportsCountry= Guttman, A. 1978
Fun and Games in Old EuropeCountry= Endrei, W., and Laszlo Zolnay 1986
Games Played with a BallCountry= McKinnon, L. C. 1910
Games and Songs of American ChildrenCountry= Newell, W. W. 1883 link
Games and Sports in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century British LiteratureCountry= Brewster, P. G. 1947
Games for All SeasonsCountry= Pardon, G. 1858
Gentlemen Don’t Steal BasesCountry= Wert, J. D. 1987
Gentlemen v. Players, 1806-1949Country= Warner, P. 1950
German Book Describes Das Englisch Base-ball: But Was It Baseball or Rounders?Country=United States Block, David 2011
Girls Just Wanted to Have Fun: Stoolball Reports in Local Newspapers, 1747 to 1866 Lusted, Andrew 2013
Glory Days of Summer; the History of Baseball in Oklahoma.Country=US Burke, Bob, et. al. 1999 OK
Glory Fades Away: The Nineteenth Century World Series RediscoveredCountry= Lansche, G. 1991
Glove Affairs: The Romance, History and Tradition of the Baseball GloveCountry= Liberman, N. 2003
Grace, Grit, and Growling: The Hartford Dark Blues Base Ball Club, 1874-1877Country=US Arcidiacono, David 2003 CT Hartford
Green Pastures (1845-1875)Country= Gershman, M. 1993
Guiness Cricket FirstsCountry= Brooke, R., and Peter Matthews 1988
Hambledon: The Men and the MythsCountry=England Goulstone, J. 2001
Harry Wright: The Father of Professional BaseballCountry= Devine, C. 2003
Haymakers and Daisycutters: Troy and the National PastimeCountry=US Puff, Richard unknown NY Troy
Henderson, Cartwright, and the 1953 US CongressCountry=US Berenbak, Adam 2014 DC Washington
Henry Chadwick: The “Father of Baseball” Was a SportswriterCountry= Schiff, A. J. 2008
Heritage of a National Game: Social Baseball 1845-1875Country= Cleaver, J. D. 1965
History of Baseball in California and Pacific Coast Leagues 1847-1938; Memories of an Old Time Baseball PlayerCountry=US Lange, F. W. 1938 CA
History of Baseball in Portland ORCountry=US Anon 2009 OR Portland link
History of CricketCountry= Gower, D. 2002
Home Front, Battle Field, and Sport During the Civil WarCountry= Betts, J. R. 1971
Home Team: Professional Sports and the American MetropolisCountry= Danielson, M. N. 1997
How Baseball Began: The Long Overlooked Truth about the Birth of BaseballCountry= McCulloch, R. 1995
How Baseball BeganCountry= Seymour, H. 1956
How Did Sports Begin? A Look at the Origins of Man at PlayCountry= Brasch, R. 1970
How I Pitched the First CurveCountry= Cummings, C. 1997
Illustrated History of BaseballCountry= Chadwick, A. 1995
Inventing Baseball: The 100 Greatest Games of the Nineteenth CenturyCountry=US Felber, Bill, editor 2013
It's Not Cricket; A History of Skullduggery, Sharp Practice and Downright Cheating in the Noble GameCountry= Rae, S. 2001
Johnny Antonelli: A Baseball Memoir Antonelli, Johnny 2012
Juab County (UT) Information for StudentsCountry=US Anon UT link
Key Points in the Evolution of the Baseball from the Early 1800s to 1872Country= Loeffler, R. 2006
Knickerbocker Base Ball: The Birth and Infancy of the Modern GameCountry= Ivor-Campbell, F. 2007
Knickerbocker Score Books, Game Books, and Meeting LogsCountry=US KBB Club NY Manhattan
Long Before the Dodgers: Baseball in Brooklyn, 1855-1884Country=US Terry, J. L. 2002 NY Brooklyn
Lords of the Realm: The Real History of BaseballCountry= Helyar, J. 1994
Major League Baseball in Gilded Age ConnecticutCountry=US Arcidiacono, David 2010 CT
Massachusetts Baseball and Cricket, 1840-1870Country=US Kirsch, G. B. 1991 MA
Mears Baseball ScrapbooksCountry= Mears, C. D. 1853 link
Memoirs of the Father of Base Ball: He Resides in New Haven and Retains an Interest in the GameCountry= Old-Timer 1896
Middleton's Seaason in the Sun: The Story of Connecticut's First Profefssional Baseball TeamCountry=US Arcidiacono, David CT Middleton
Midwest and National Base Ball in Minnesota NewspapersCountry=US Thilgen, D. 2002 MN
Missionaries, Cartwright, and Spalding: The Development of Baseball in Nineteenth Century HawaiiCountry=US Ardolina, Frank 2002 HI
Mr. Henderson and the Cooperstown MythCountry= Lardner, J. 1950
Nestor of Ball PlayersCountry=US Adams, Roger unpublished NY New York
Never Just a Game: Players, Owners, and American Baseball to 1920Country= Burk, R. F. 1994
Newport Baseball History: America's Pastime by the Sea.Country=US Harris, Rick 2014 RI Newport link
Newport Baseball History: America's Pastime in t City By the SeaCountry= Harris, Richard 2014 RI Newport
Next Man In: A Survey of Cricket Laws and CustomsCountry= Brodribb, G. 1995
No, It Wasn't Doubleday!Country= Irwin, W. 1945
Northern Sandlots: A Social History of Maritime BaseballCountry=Canada Howell, Colin D. 1995 ONT
NotebooksCountry= Chadwick, H.
Observations on the Popular Antiquities of Great Britain: The Origins of our Vulgar and Provincial Customs, Ceremonies and SuperstitionsCountry= Brand, J. 1900 link
Octavius Catto and the Pythians of PhiladelphiaCountry= Casway, J. 2007
Ode to the Baseball SeasonCountry= Crosby, J. 1951
Ohio's First Baseball GameCountry=US Husman, J. R. 2004 OH
Old Boston Boys and the Games They PlayedCountry=US Lovett, J. D. W. 1907 MA Boston link
Organized Sport in Industrial AmericaCountry= Betts, J. R. 1952
Origin of the National Game of BaseballCountry= Anon. 1889
Origins of BaseballCountry= Light, J. F. 1997
Origins of the Baseball MythCountry= Williams, P. 1994
Our Game. Total BaseballCountry= Thorn, J. 1995
Our Game: An American Baseball HistoryCountry= Alexander, C. 1991
Pastime Lost:The Humble, Original, and Now Completely Forgotten Game of English BaseballCountry= Block, David 2019
Peverelly's National Game: Images of BaseballCountry= Freyer, J., and Mark Rucker, Ed. 2005
Playing for Keeps: A History of Early BaseballCountry= Goldstein, W. 1989
Popular Pastimes for Field and FiresideCountry= Smith, C. 1867 link
Primitive Baseball: The First Quarter-Century of the National PastimeCountry= Frommer, H. 1988
Quilt Winders and Pod Shavers; the History of Cricket Bat and Ball ManufactureCountry= Barty-King, H. 1979
Research Notes on Modern BB in Early ILCountry=US Kittel, Jeff 2010 IL
Review of Kirsch's 'The Creation of American Team Sports'Country= Seymour, H. 1990
Rhode Island Baseball: The Early Years Harris, Rick 2008 RI link
Rhode Island Baseball: The Early YearsCountry=US Harris, Rick 2008 RI
Richter’s History and Records of Base Ball: The American Nation’s Chief SportCountry= Richter, F. 1914 link
Riot, Revelry and Rout: Sport in Lowland Scotland Before 1860Country= Burnett, J. 2000
RoundersCountry= Zoerink, D. A. 1966
Rural Games in LibyaCountry= Gini, C. 1939
Scrapbooks, 1874-1913Country= Spalding, A. G. 1874
Seventy-five Years on Louisville Diamonds (booklet)Country=US Tarvin, A. H. 1940 KY Louisville
Sixty Years of Canadian Cricket TorontoCountry=Canada McCulloch, J. 1895 ONT Toronto link
Slagboldspillenes HistorieCountry= Maigaard, P. 1940
Some Cricket RecordsCountry= Green, S. 1988
Some Reminiscences of Cricket in Philadelphia Before 1861Country=US Wister, W. R. 1904 PA Philadelphia link
Sphere and Ash: History of Base BallCountry= Morse, J. 1888
Sport in England: A History of Two Thousand Years of Games and PastimesCountry= Wymer, N. 1949
Sport in Industrial American, 1850-1920Country= Riess, S. A. 1995
Sport, Scotland and the ScotsCountry= Jarvie, G., ed. 2000
Sports and Games: History and OriginsCountry= Jewell, B. 1977
Sports and Recreational Practices of Union and Confederate SoldiersCountry= Crockett, D. S. 1961
Sports in North America: A Documentary History, Volume 3: The Rise of Modern Sports 1840-1860Country= Kirsch, G. B., ed. 1992
Sports in North America: A Documentary History. Volume 2: The Origins of Modern Sports, 1820-1840Country= Menna, L. K. 1995
Sports in the Western WorldCountry= Baker, W. J. 1982
Sportsmen and Gamesmen: From the Years that Shaped American Ideas About Winning and Losing and How to Play the GameCountry= Dizikes, J. 1981
Start of Play: Cricket and Culture in Eighteenth Century EnglandCountry= Underdown, D. 2000
Storied Stadiums: Baseball's History Through its BallparksCountry= Smith, C. 2001
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