Southern Base Ball Club of Nashville v Lone Star Base Ball Club of Nashville on 29 April 1868

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Date of Game Wednesday, April 29, 1868
Location Nashville, TN, United States
Home Team Southern Base Ball Club of Nashville
Away Team  Add Club Page Lone Star Base Ball Club of Nashville
Score 50 - 47

"Base Ball.-- Several Delegations of juveniles waited upon our Local yesterday with the following reports of match games played during the day: Southern 50, to Lone Star 47; Trix 14, to Independent 11; Emerson 19 to Starlight 6; Texas 53, to Washington 19. Where's the Phoenix?"


"Base Ball." Nashville Union and Dispatch. 30 Apr. 1868: 3. Web, Chronicling America, 5 July 2015.

Source Image
NUD 18680430.jpg
Found by Christopher Ryland
Entered by Christopher Ryland
Players Locality Local
Local-Origins Study Groups Tennessee Association of Vintage Base Ball


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