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Type / Page Club / Match Date City Borough State First in
Club Knock down and Skin em Club of St. Paul Island 1868-07 St. Paul Island AK AK
Ballgame 'citizens' v Crew of the USN Pinta 1886-07-04 Sitka AK AK
Club Club of Sitka 1886-08 Sitka AK Sitka, AK
Ballgame 1893 Herschel Island AK Herschel Island, AK
Club Club of Skagway 1898-06-26 Skagway AK Skagway, AK
Club Club of Dyea 1898-06-26 Dyea AK Dyea, AK
Club Club of Juneau 1899 Juneau AK Juneau, AK
Club Club of Kodiak 1899 Kodiak AK Kodiak, AK
Club Club of Douglas 1901 Douglas AK Douglas, AK
Club Club of Ketchikan 1901 Ketchikan AK Ketchikan, AK
Club Club of Treadwell 1903 Treadwell AK Treadwell, AK
Club Club of Whitehorse 1904 Whitehorse AK Whitehorse, AK
Club Club of Fort Seward 1905 Fort Seward AK Fort Seward, AK
Ballgame California Bar 'Drinks' v Eagle Club 'Smokes' 7 - 4 1906-06-21 Fairbanks AK Fairbanks, AK
Club California, A.B., N.C. Club of Fairbanks 1907 Fairbanks AK Fairbanks, AK
Club Club of Chena 1908 Chena AK Chena, AK
Club Club of Valdez 1909 Valdez AK Valdez, AK
Club Jay Bird Club of Petersburg 1913 Petersburg AK Petersburg, AK
Club Club of Anchorage 1915 Anchorage AK Anchorage, AK
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