Base-ball (retro) in MA in 1824

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Date of Game 1824
Game base-ball (retro)
Location MA, United States

"[At Phillips] Bodily exercise was not, however, entirely superseded by spiritual exercises, and a rudimentary form of base-ball and the heroic sport of foot-ball were followed with some spirit." Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., "Cinders from the Ashes," The Works of Oliver Wendel Holmes Volume 8 (Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1892), page 251. He went on to recollect visiting the school in 1867, when he "sauntered until we came to a broken field where there was quarrying and digging going on, – our old base-ball ground." Ibid, page 255.

This essay originally appeared in The Atlantic Monthly Volume 23 (January 1869). page 120. Note: see item #1829c.3 below for Holmes' Harvard ballplaying.

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