The First Vintage Games?

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Date October 1857
Location NYC, NY, United States

[A] "the first regular match" of the 'Knickerbocker Antiquarian Base Ball Club (who play the old style of the game)'" was played in Nov. 1857. 

[B] In October, 1857, the Liberty Club of New Brunswick, NJ, played a group of "Old Fogies" who played "the old-fashioned base ball, which, as nearly everyone knows, is entirely different from base ball as now played.

Rules played are unknown. The score was 86-69, and three players are listed in the box score as "not out". 11 on each side.


[A] Porter's Spirit of the Times, Nov. 14, 1857, p.165.

[B] New York Clipper, Oct. 10, 1857

Submitted by John Thorn
Submission Note 2/24/2006


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