Shut Out Reported as the First Ever; Excelsiors 25, St. George Nine 0

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Date Thursday, November 8, 1860
Location Hoboken, NJ, United States

This game, played on the St. George grounds at Hoboken, occurred on November 8, 1860.

[A] "the score of the Excelsiors being 25 to nothing for their antagonists! This is the first match on record that has resulted in nine innings being played without each party making runs." It was the last game of the season for the Excelsiors, who played two "muffin" players and allowed St. George borrow a catcher [Harry Wright] from the Knickerbockers and a pitcher from the Putnams. 

[B] "a match was played at Hoboken, between a picked nine of the St. George's Cricket Club -- players noted for their superior fielding qualifications as cricketers-- and nine of the well-known Excelsior Club, of South Brooklyn."

According to the WSOT article, the Excelsior lineup included Creighton as pitching and third batter, Brainerd at 2B, and Leggett as catcher. Mr. Welling of the Knickerbockers served as umpire.


[A] "Excelsiors vs., St. George," The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Volume 19, number 269 (Saturday, November 10, 1860), page 2, column 5. 

[B] "Base Ball," Wilkes' Spirit of the Times, November 17, 1860.

Submitted by Brian McKenna
Submission Note 11/8/2014


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