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Game Scrub
Game Family Scrub Scrub
Regions US
Eras 1800s, Post-1900
Invented No

Scrub appears to usually denote non-team games, as seen with the games of  Work-up and Move-Up: A handy way to get a game going when two full teams cannot be mustered, the available players are fed initially divided between several defensive positions and a smaller number of batters. If a batter is put out, he/she becomes the fielder who is last in line [in right field, perhaps] to return to the batting position, and must work the way back, advancing position by position. A fielder who catches a fly ball exchanges places immediately with the batter. Because the small number of player precludes team play, “ghost (imaginary) runners” and special ground rules are sometimes required. Plugging is allowed, at least when the ball is soft enough to permit that. Once called Ins and Withs in the Philadelphia area (Source?).


This game was played constantly on school diamonds in Ithaca NY in the 1950s.

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Are other forms of Scrub remembered.  Have rules been published authoritatively somewhere?

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