Magnolia Ball Club of New York

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Nick Name Magnolia
Earliest Known Date 1843 -- Not later than November 2
Location New York, Manhattan, NY, United States
Nine Class Senior

"NEW YORK MAGNOLIA BALL CLUB - Vive la Knickerbocker. - A meeting of the members of the above club will take place this (Thursday) afternoon, 2nd instant, at the Elysian Fields, Hoboken [NJ]. It is earnestly requested that every member will be present, willing and eager to do his duty. Play will commence precisely as one o'clock. Chowder at 4 o'clock"

Associated with this ball club is an engraved invitation to its first annual ball, which has the first depiction of men playing baseball, and shows underhand pitching and stakes for bases.





Thorn, John (2011) "1843 -- Magnolia Club Predates the Knickerbocker." Base Ball. 5(1)(Special Issue on Origins): pp. 89 - 92.  John's key source is New York Herald[classified ads section], November 2, 1843.(Also posted to 19CBB by John Thorn, 11/11/2007).

For much more from John on the Magnolia find, and its implications, go to magnolia-blossoms.html">

See also Chronology entry #1843.6.




As of September 2014, we have no evidence as to the playing rules this club employed.  Thus, we don't yet know whether the game played resembled the Knickerbocker game, codified in 1845, or not. The depiction of stakes for bases, if accurate, might suggest to some that the game was related to what in 1858 was described as the Massachusetts game -- however, the Mass game then used overhand deliveries to batsmen.   



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Found by Ralph Carhart
Entered by Ralph Carhart


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Player Years Roles Edit Association with Club
Andrew Lester 1843- Initial Officer
John McKibbin 1843- Initial Officer
Joseph Carlisle 1843- Initial Officer
Peter H. Graham 1843- Later Officer

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