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Date of Game 1840
Game Bat and Ball
Location Honolulu, HI, United States
Has Source On Hand No
NY Rules No - Predecessor

The Honolulu Polynesian, Dec. 26, 1840: "Sports in Honolulu. One evidence of the increasing civilization of this place, and not the least gratifying, is to see the ardor with which the native youth of both sexes engage in the same old games which used to warm our blood not long since. There's good old bat and ball, just the same as when we ran from the school-house to the "Common" to exercise our skill that way..."

An interesting item is in the New London (CT) People's Advocate, June 17, 1846: a letter, dated Nov. 12, 1845 from students at the "School for young chiefs" on Oahu, thanking the nutmeggers for their gifts of school equipment, and noting that "for exercise, we ... sometimes play ball or engage in other sports." The letter is signed by Lot Kamehameha and Alexander Liholiho--two future kings of Hawaii.


The Honolulu Polynesian, Dec. 26, 1840

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