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Date of Game 1850
Game Cricket
Location Chicago, IL, United States
Has Source On Hand No
NY Rules No - Predecessor

Andreas' Chicago, p. 613, says an all-Chicago eleven played a "Kentish eleven" (presumably from England's Kent County) in Oct. 1850.

Same says that on Oct. 29, 1856, a Chicago club played a Lockport/ Joliet club at "Cutmore's, opposite Bull's Head Hotel."

The Milwaukee Sentinel, June 7, 1851, reports the formation of the "Chicago Cricket Club," "Thursday last," with officers:

George Morey, President

Dr. Hanley, VP

S. L. Lowe, Treasurer

Thomas Holbroom, Sec.

A practice match is scheduled for next Monday "on the open space south of Mrs. Clerk's residence, State Street."

Same, Oct. 6, 1852, says the Chicago club beat Milwaukee "Monday last" in Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune, Sept. 26, 1854, reports on a cricket match in Chicago 9-25 between the Milwaukee and Chicago clubs, in which Milwaukee won by 1.

Same, Sept. 13, 1854, reports on the Chicago Cricket Club.

Same, Aug. 29, 1857, reports on a cricket match between the Union and Chicago clubs, won by the Union.

Same, Sept. 16, 1857, reports on a cricket match between the Chicago and Prairie Clubs, called after 1-1/2 innings due to darkness.

The Cleveland Herald, Aug. 14, 1857 reports on a match in Cleveland between the Chicago Cricket Club and the local St. George's CC. Same, June 22, 1859 says the Chicago (or Prairie) CC defeated the St. George's, in Cleveland, 118 to 60.


Andreas' Chicago, p. 613; The Milwaukee Sentinel, June 7, 1851; The Chicago Tribune, Sept. 26, 1854

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