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The Craig B. Waff Games Tabulation


6 Entries, using 6 sources     Pdf Version

Craig Waff's Games Tabulations made foundational contributions to our effort to document games and clubs before baseball became a professional sport. Craig's work is memorialized in this section of the site and lives on as a substantial mass of entries in Pre-pro Baseball. For more information about Pre-pro Baseball, see our About Pre-pro page.


Date of Game City/Town Playing Field Outcome Sources
9 Oct, 1857 (Fri) Alleghany, Pa. Alleghany 98 Pittsburgh 77 (suspended in third inning due to darkness; game was scheduled to be completed on Saturday afternoon) (PSOT: “The match was played by thirty men, equally divided, and consisted of three innings.” (1) “Out-Door Sports: Base Ball: Alleghany vs. Pittsburgh,” PSOT, vol. 3, no. 7 (17 Oct 1857), p. 108, col. 3


Date of Game City/Town Playing Field Outcome Sources
27 Jun, 1860 (Wed) ? Allegheny (Allegheny, Pa.) 32 Duquesne 31 (1) Peverelly, p. 109
19 Jul, 1860 (Thu) ? Allegheny (Allegheny, Pa.) 27 Duquesne 26 (return match) (1) Peverelly, p. 109
26 Jul, 1860 (Thu) Allegheny, Pa. West Commons Fort Pitt 50 Keystone 30 (1) “Base Ball in Alleghany,” NYC, [?] Aug 1860
13 Sep, 1860 (Thu) ? Allegheny (Allegheny, Pa.) 28 Pioneer 19 (1) Peverelly, p. 109
31 Oct, 1860 (Wed) ? Allegheny (Allegheny, Pa.) 34 Keystone 22 (1) Peverelly, p. 109