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The Craig B. Waff Games Tabulation


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Craig Waff's Games Tabulations made foundational contributions to our effort to document games and clubs before baseball became a professional sport. Craig's work is memorialized in this section of the site and lives on as a substantial mass of entries in Pre-pro Baseball. For more information about Pre-pro Baseball, see our About Pre-pro page.


Date of Game City/Town Playing Field Outcome Sources

Prior to

4 Jul, 1858

New Haven, Conn.

Worst Thirteen 43-35-33

Best Eight 40-17-27

(best two in three intra-club game played by members of an unnamed club)

(1) “Out-Door Sports: Base-Ball: Base-Ball in New Haven,” PSOT, vol. 4, no. 20 (17 Jul 1858), p. 309, col. 3

(2) On Dit, “Baseball in New Haven,” NYC, [?] Jul 1858


Date of Game City/Town Playing Field Outcome Sources

28 Jul, 1859


Fair Haven, Conn.

Pine Grove (Fair Haven) 73

Quinnipiack (New Haven) 19

(1) “Out-Door Sports: Base-Ball: Base-Ball at Fair Haven, Conn.,” PSOT, vol. 6, no. 23 (6 Aug 1859), p. 357, col. 1

2 Aug, 1859


Fair Haven, Conn.

Mechanics grounds

Mechanics (?) 40

Pine Grove (Fair Haven) 33

(12 players on each side)

(PSOT: “Upon an invitation extended to the Pine Grove Club by the Mechanics, a friendly match game of base ball came off …  It was the  most exciting  game of  the season, and called forth a large number of both sexes to witness the game.  Both clubs played extra well, the Pine Grove to keep the laurels they won so nobly over the Quinnipiacs last week, and the Mechanics to keep the victory on their side—this being the second contest between the Pine Groves and Mechanics.  The first as well as the second the Mechanics came off victorious.  …  After the game both clubs sat down to a table well filled with all the good things, prepared by the Mechanics.  Everything passed off in good style.

(1) Fernando, “Out-Door Sports: Base-Ball: Base Ball in Connecticut,” PSOT, vol. 6, no. 24 (13 Aug 1859), p. 372, col. 3

15 Aug, 1859


Fair Haven, Conn.

Mechanics grounds

Mechanics (Fair Haven) 39

Pine Grove (Fair Haven) 18

(PSOT: “The first regular challenge between our village ball clubs was given by the Pine Grove Club last week, and the game came off …  It drew a larger crowd of ladies and gentlemen than were ever present at a game before.  The Mechanics came off victorious, as they have twice before, …”)

(1) Fernando, “Out-Door Sports: Base-Ball: Base Ball at Fair Haven,” PSOT, vol. 6, no. 26 (27 Aug 1859), p. 404, col. 3


Date of Game City/Town Playing Field Outcome Sources

6 Oct, 1860


New Haven, Conn.

Excelsior 21

Grammar School 7

(4 innings, due to darkness)

(1) “Excelsior vs. Grammar School,” NYC, [?] Oct 1860